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About Us

Two Friends, One Kitchen...




Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candle is born!  
Eager to make a career change that would allow them to stay home with their children, 
Maggie Rodriguez and Georgette Hoyo, both school teachers, began to consider 
options. While on vacation, Maggie called Georgette with the perfect idea - 
making candles!  At first, Georgette hesitated and thought it was a farfetched idea but 
after giving it a second thought, they hit the kitchen and began experimenting with 
scents until the perfect, hand-poured soy candle was created.


Soy Delicious originated in Miami, Florida in 2006.  The name depicts the melting pot that 
makes up our multicultural community, with a play on the word “soy” meaning “I am.”  
Our candles truly are delicious in every sense of the word.  The hand poured candles are 
filled to the brim, rich with aroma from the high concentration of fragrance oils that are added.  
The magnificent scent will fill every room in your home.  The wide array of scents is sure to 
entice the senses of all, from exotic and tropical to calming and relaxing.  


Soy Delicious Candles truly are {love at first light}...which will you choose?